Monday 30 June 2007


Organiserís of the popular Amazing Human Body exhibition have today reported that an element of the exhibit demonstrating a section of a preserved ankle have been stolen from the exhibition over the weekend by an unknown suspect.A formal report has been filed with police this morning, however, event organisers are urging the culprit to come forward as it is a crucial part of this particular exhibit.

We are shocked that someone would be so disrespectful as to take part of an exhibit from this educational exhibition. This has never happened in any part of the world the exhibition has toured and we urge the person responsible to come forward and return the missing body part,î said event organiser, Paul Liu.

What:STOLEN EXHIBIT - The Amazing Human Body Exhibition at Waterfront City


Waterfront City Pavilion
Waterfront City
Docklands Drive
Melbourne Docklands

Interviews:Available upon request
Vision:May be taken on site at Waterfront City upon request (prior to 5pm)

Kate Aurel-Smith   (Ph) 03 9421 1566   or
Merilla Colovic   (Ph) 03 9421 1566   or

Notes about The Amazing Human Body Exhibition

The Amazing Human Body is an educational exhibit that is intended to provide audiences with a unique and visually-informative perspective on the inner working of the human body by viewing real human specimens, preserved through a method called ëplastinationí.

During the process of plastination, all the water in the body (water comprises about 70 percent of all cells) is replaced by polymers such as silicone rubber or polyester resin that retain all tissue structure via a special vacuum process. The technique can take up to 5,000 hours for a full-body plastinate.

The Amazing Human Body exhibition presents approximately 400 real human specimens, including 18 whole bodies and aims to inspire the general public to learn more about how the human body functions and how lifestyle choices affect the body.

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